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Celebrating 90-Years

At the recent 2018 St Columban’s College, Caboolture Open Day, the college celebrated 90-years with a ceremony and cake.

Cr Peter Flannery and Principal Ann Rebgetz cut 90-year Celebration Cake

Cr Peter Flannery and Principal Ann Rebgetz cut 90-year Celebration Cake.

Kicking off this event, Assistant Principal – Senior Phase, Mrs Kate Ruddy explained what was about to happen.

“So it is our 90th year of St Columban’s College,” Assistant Principal Ruddy said in the video above.

“We commenced in Albion in 1928, so this is our 90th year.

“The beautiful cake you see here was made by our very talented hospitality teacher Miss Libby Blain.”

This was followed by Principal Ann Rebgetz reflecting on the past of the college and what it stand for.

“The partnerships in (our) community are so strong,” Principal Rebgetz said.

“It’s allowed this school to grow and to come of age, and the coming of age is bench marked by the enormous achievements of the school.

“And today, just going around, I think you get that feel of the excellence and the joy and the vibrancy of this college community.

“So I want to say congratulations to all of you because it is about the community, and I want to congratulate in terms of the 90 years, everyone who’s been associated with the 90 years, the cake, and with that, I’d ask Councillor Peter to come forward and say a few words and cut the cake.”

The Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division Two, Peter Flannery echoed the sentiments around St Columban’s College, Caboolture and its sense of community.

“It’s a tremendous group that you have here with the school, and the sense of community with the school,” Councillor Flannery said.

“I’m an old Christian Brother College boy from the Gold Coast, so I’m one of the younger schools, I suppose, and compared to the history of this school.

“But you do get that warm sense of family and community, when you do come to this college, and I noticed that and the few times that I’ve been here that it’s very similar to the college that I went to back on the Gold Coast.

“But the sense of community also extends to the school putting themselves back out into the community and then opening the school up to the community, which this school does enormously.”

Visit Every Student, Every Success for further information on St Columban’s College, Caboolture.

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