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Why is Learning Critical Thinking Important?

The students of St Columban’s College, Caboolture are constantly learning to be critical thinkers in a bid to be capable of pursuing the jobs of tomorrow.

The process of critical thinking can be to actively and skillfully conceptualise, apply, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate information to reach an answer, conclusion or solution to a problem.

It is this skill that will be a core requirement to be a candidate for the jobs of tomorrow.

The college Principal, Ann Rebgetz recently talked about how students can be prepared to participate and enjoy a future that will have a rapidly changing society.

“In terms of that society, changing technology means changing data analytics,” Principal Ann Rebgetz said in the video above.

“It also means a changing economy in terms of freelancing and the business structures and organisational structures.

“We all know that many people now don’t even have an office, that they work from moving (mobile), a rotating office or they work from their homes or they work from anywhere in the world.

“They have to be able to look at a situation and analyse, what’s important here because if it’s not a critical thinking step that they’re taking, it will be done by a robot.

“It will be automated.”

Further, Principal Ann Rebgetz talked about how students are turned into critical thinkers.

“So in every subject, in every certificate, whatever we’re offering, we look to accentuate problem-solving and critical thinking,” Principal Ann Rebgetz said. “We look to be up to date.”

“If you apply that to any other area, whether it’s in tourism, health, hospitality, childcare, automotive, engineering or construction, again, that challenge will be put there so that we are creating thinkers and problem solvers of the future.

“So the story that we put out to our students which we want them to own is that every student, every success is the mantra that underpins everything that we do.

So every student is challenged to own their future, own their planning, and to ensure that as they’re planning, that they are getting credentials so that they can be truly successful in every possible way,” Principal Ann Rebgetz concluded.

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