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‘LUCKY’ Past Student to Carry Queen’s Baton

Past St Columban’s College, Caboolture student and gold medallist, Lakeisha ‘Lucky’ Patterson OAM will carry the Queen’s Baton this Friday.
'LUCKY' Past Student to Carry Queen's Baton
Lucky will arrive in Redcliffe on the day at approximately 8am, after travelling from the Commonwealth Games staging camp on the Gold Coast where she is set to compete.

She is then expected to take hold of the baton at 8.49am, where she will then carry it through the Redcliffe Festival of Sails to a Redcliffe Community Celebration stage.

Lucky described how she found out that she would be participating in the Queen’s Baton Relay, and how she has been following the baton journey around the world.

“I opened up my computer, checking my daily emails as I do, and I found this email from the Queen’s Baton Relay, and I opened it up and it said that I had been nominated from the Moreton Bay Regional Council – which was extremely exciting,” Lucky said in the video above.

“Especially to be doing it in our home country.

“On Instagram, I followed the Baton relays as well as on Facebook, and all the social medias.”

Lucky also talked about the impact the Queen’s Baton Relay would have on every day Australians.

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for all of Australia to get behind, and all of our communities, especially going into the smaller communities that don’t exactly get a lot of visitors at times,” Lucky continued.

“So, I think that’s pretty exciting for everyone – being able to see all these other amazing community legends carrying the baton before me.

“I was able to hold the Queen’s baton in the village, in the Commonwealth Games in 2014, in Glasgow.

“When it made it’s way around the village.

“But to be part of the actual journey, the process and the run or the walk in my case, I think it’ll be really special.

“I’m expecting it be heavy – I’m hoping I don’t drop it, but it looks like a really cool design, and something really quite special.”

Further, Lucky reflected on how St Columban’s College, Caboolture had its part to play in getting her to this point.

“St Columban’s has been there with me from pretty much the start,” Lucky explained.

“I started St Columban’s in 2012 I think, and that’s the year I made my first junior team.

“And then after that I went on to make my first national team.

“My first Commonwealth Games in 2014, I was in grade 10, and the whole school was absolutely buzzing.

“And for them to also be able to be with me on this journey throughout the Commonwealth Games, both championships, Paralympic Games, they’ve helped me so much in terms of my studying, and making sure I was able to excel, not only in the pool, and then the sports arena, but also in the classroom.

“And that meant helping me with assignment extensions, catching me up when I was away, when I was coming back, and also doing my senior schooling over two years.

“Really being able to support me in my journey to really excel both inside the school area for a career outside of the pool as well.”

Lucky will be competing in the 50 metre freestyle S8, and a 100 metre freestyle S9 at the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

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