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Music Excellence Program

Hello. I’m Ann Rebgetz, and I’m Principal of St Columban’s College at Caboolture.

We have a very, very strong music program at the College, which we’ve developed. It’s music and the performing arts, which we are really cultivating. This program involves a range of different options, and one of the recent options we’ve introduced is an Academy of Music Excellence into year seven.

This Academy is offering places to students who can play a musical instrument, or their voice is their instrument, but have a real strong interest and application to learning another instrument and developing their musical prowess.

What this program means is that all of these students will be grouped together in one class and take their other classes in that one class, so they’ll have Maths together, English together, and really promote that bond in terms of music. This is one of our options, but we have many other options in terms of our dance program, our drama and music program, cultivating in participation in our performances. Our musical last year, The Wizard of Oz, was a huge success. Overall, our facilities that we have at the College to enable those performances are state of the art facilities, including a hairdressing salon that becomes our green room when students do have the opportunity to perform.

We host many functions and events at the College, which lends itself to entertainment and performance. Overall, inclusive of our performing arts, we have our visual arts that links also together, because we know these days that technologies mean than everything comes together. Our film and television, our performance, it all links in, so we very much up with the picture. We want to nurture music. Nurture is the heart of our soul. It reaches the soul. In our Catholic college, it is the essence of where we want to go.

I would invite you to fill in the form below. Come to us. We will want to hear you. We have great expertise in our staff with many qualified music and drama teachers and visual arts teachers. In fact, one of our visual arts students topped the state in terms of their results this year, got the highest possible result. Come to us and we will be keen to talk to you.