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Sporting Excellence Program

Hello, I’m Ann Rebgetz and I’m Principal of St Columban’s College at Caboolture.

We have a very, very strong sporting academy program at St Columban’s.

It has a tradition of sport, when it was a school back in Albion in Brisbane, built in 1928. That tradition has been held through our association with The Associated Schools Association, which is called TAS. Through that association we play Saturday sport and of a very high standard, with a group of schools that involve schools like John Paul College, St Paul’s Anglican College, and other associated schools.

In the last year our school has actually been the premier school in Rugby Union, in Netball, in Touch Football and in Athletics, and also winning the Basketball in the first divisions against those schools like John Paul College.

We’re very proud of the fact that we offered a multi-avenued program.

We have a mentor academy, we essentially takes students who have dreams to become an elite sports person or elite in other areas. In relation to sport, this program is run by someone who has been an elite sportswoman herself and is setting up all the support structures and the facilitation to enable that person to reach the dream, which means this year we’ve seen 28 students in our college reach state representation in their sporting areas. In addition to that, a number of them have reached national representation.

This is an exceptional figure for a college of over 1000 students, to have such a high percentage gain that representation.

If your son or daughter is interested in a sporting pathway which will give them credentials, which works alongside the core curriculum, that works alongside to offer them big choices in terms of sporting excellence, health and PE, Certificate 3 or Certificate 4 in fitness, all of those can package together to credential your son or daughter to take that step into the future, whether it’s elite, exercise science, medicine, or some other para-health professional pathway.

Overall we are very well resourced in terms of our facilities, but particularly in terms of our staff. We have at least 15 teachers on staff that have a health and PE background, who are there to nurture and to cultivate that success. If you’d like to fill in the form and just express your interest, we’ll find the right niche and the right area for your son or daughter.