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Strategic Partnerships Lead to Student Success

St Columban’s College, Caboolture has a high performance culture through having high performance partnerships in place.

The college Principal, Ann Rebgetz acknowledged the strategic college partners.

“We would like to acknowledge our partners in Caboolture, our partners in industry, our partners in community, our partners in our families, and of course the students who are the ones that are benefiting from these opportunities in terms of their cutting edge,” Principal Ann Rebgetz said in the video above.

“At St Columban’s we are creating a high performance culture, and we have high performance partnerships.

“Examples of that would be the Caboolture Hospital Alliance.

“It would also be our partnerships with the University of the Sunshine Coast, our partnerships with the building industry in Caboolture.

“Overall, whichever way we go, we have a partnership with Maleny Wineries.

“In terms of looking ahead, we try and be strategic about our partnership.

“We look to saying the skills that are needed in that industry, we have high technical skills but we also need high enterprise skills.

“All of our students are trained to think entrepreneurially.

“Our subjects are underpinned by innovation and excellence and enterprise.

“And we integrate across the spectrum of all of our subjects so that 21st century skills are really at the prime of what we do.”

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