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Student Success Pathways

St Columban’s College, Caboolture – Every Student Every Success

There are many pathways to success and St Columban’s College, Caboolture facilitates a pathway for each student to help achieve the college mantra, “Every Student Every Success”.

This has been demonstrated time and time again through the awards the college, teachers and students have received, including winning the Australian Training Awards – in the School Pathways to VET category.

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Student Success PathwaysSt Columban’s College is a co-educational college located in Caboolture, Queensland and has students from a diverse range of backgrounds that come from all over the greater region.

St Columban’s College, Caboolture Principal, Ann Rebgetz has said it’s a very progressive school with a very strong, supportive parent community and a very strong, supportive community of partners in industry and education.

“We live in a society that is changing very rapidly,” Ms Rebgetz said in a video (top of this page).

Student Success Pathways“Technologically, it’s exponential the rate of change. Our students need to be equipped for that future.

“We’re also very strong on integration. If we are studying chemistry, we have a partnership with winemakers.

“The students who are doing titration in chemistry do the titration in terms of the winery.

Student Success Pathways“They are getting that vocational component at the same time as they’re studying their pure chemistry.

“Whatever the partnership is, we look at the strategic value for all of our students in every subject. You have to have people understand in terms of your staff and the school community to be supporting a culture of innovation, a flexible learning culture, an intervention culture so that all of the staff are there for the students.”
Student Success Pathways
The Deputy Principal, Catherine Galvin added: “Our enterprise culture at the college extends into our micro-business model.

“We have students working as school-based trainees in our IT department, in our hospitality centre, in our Kells café, play group, in the hairdressing salon, which sets apart from other models.”

For every student regardless of the ultimate pathway they are to undertake, St Columban’s College, Caboolture individualises their pathway while at this college to work towards Every Student Every Success.