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Students Build and Drive Race Car

St Columban’s College, Caboolture students participated in Formula Student, which is about skills and knowledge development (and driving a race car).

This program is also about developing a familiarity with the engineering discourse, from the language used, to the processes and methods.

It’s about students building an understanding of job cards and two-way communication. It’s about building an understanding of quality assurance and how this is achieved.

It’s about learning through project work. It’s about being a member of a team. It’s about communicating with others in an informative and accurate way.

St Columban’s College, Caboolture staff member, Tony Green explained how the students did this by building a full-size race car from scratch.

“So, they’ll have been given some drawings, they clock on to that job, they look at their drawings, they watch a video on how it ought to have been done, they then go and manufacture the part,” Tony Green said in the video above.

“It gets brought to the quality control assessor who will check it against a template to make sure that it’s going to fit, and that it meets the specifications.

“They can then clock off that part, much as you would do if you’re in a workshop, in the real world.

“The car has been one of the very first projects to emerge from our new STEAM Centre, so the Celtic Centre that was only complete 12 months ago, is there to provide the students with experience in these areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths,” Mr Green said.

College student, Josh Baker described the experience of being part of a team under pressure.

“You get to know more about what people will do under pressure, especially with us,” Josh Baker said in the video above.

“You got to see different sides of people, and it was really good.”

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