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Welcome to the 2018 School Year!

This year marks 90-years for St Columban’s College, Caboolture (formerly Albion in Brisbane) – and this year the college will continue to build on and work towards ‘Every Student, Every Success’.

The St Columban’s College, Caboolture Principal, Ann Rebgetz expressed her excitement at the 2018 school year getting underway.

“We’re very excited to welcome in 2018 and to welcome you all to our community as part of the community, because we are celebrating our 90 years since the establishment of St Columban’s at Albion in Brisbane,” Principal Ann Rebgetz said in the video above.

Further, Ms Rebgetz talked about the work and staff development that had been going on behind the scenes in preparation for this school year.

“We feel that all of our staff who participated are really excited about 2018,” Principal Ann Rebgetz said.

“They’re all being brought to being on the same page of a school that looks to the future, takes from the richness of the past, but looks to the bonding in local community and is all about our student centre.”

Also, Ms Rebgetz reflected on some recent news of success.

Ella Connolly

Ella Connolly with Cr Adrian Raedel at the Moreton Bay Regional Australia Day Awards.

“Some of our student achievements, even in the last week, give witness to that further (college culture), because we have Ella Connolly, who was just named Moreton Bay Region’s Sportswoman of the Year, and Lucky Patterson, both of whom have received extraordinary scholarships to follow in their studies next year at university and in their professional sporting pathways,” Principal Ann Rebgetz reflected.

“In terms of our preparation for our students and where we’re leading them to, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, those areas are crucial, so in terms of our pedagogical approach, we are constantly trying to underpin again with solution-focused outcomes and solution-focused thinking, critical thinking.”

There are student enrolment spaces still available in a number of year levels, go to to find out more.

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